Peter Freed is a New York City based cinematic director and videographer.

With a unique ability to create sensory experiences, engage viewers and trigger curiosity, Peter works with clients of all sizes to help tell their stories through visual mediums.

His memorable narrative style infuses wit and humor into visual storytelling, while a beautiful cinematic aesthetic sets his work apart. The results are authentic, story-driven pieces with a beautiful and vibrant visual energy.

During an accomplished career in photography, Peter shot editorials for the New York Times, magazine covers and subjects including George Clooney, Will Smith, Sofia Vergara, Martin Scorsese, Charlize Theron, and several U.S. Presidents, as well as advertisements all over the world for clients such as MasterCard, Sony, Cadillac, CBS, Clear Channel, and the U.S. Army. With such varied commercial experience, it was only natural for him to expand 8 years ago into cinematic video.

Peter’s sensitive hand with actors and real people alike results in strong performances, and spots that are cinematic in scope and intimate in detail.

His many-sided skillset (which includes directing, lighting, shooting and editing) and openness to rolling up his sleeves and doing things lean and mean, allows Peter to work with a variety of budgets and to collaborate with all types of clients. He makes the most of each opportunity, bringing an unwavering passion and energy to each project.

When not filming, Peter is also a highly accomplished skier and sculptor.